Social Media Marketing for Business

My view of SMM has changed a lot. Before I kind of thought it was a fun thing to do for the business, but now I realize it’s a lot more than that. Some businesses have minimal contact with customers, and social media is a great way to get that personal connection with clients that they are missing. It also is a great advertising tool, instead of spending hundreds of dollars on signs and fliers.

I understand Facebook and Youtube a lot more than I did before. I use Instagram a lot, so I knew a lot about it. Facebook is probably the best tool to get personal with customers. I didn’t think I would enjoy blogging, but I think maybe I did.

It was a nice break to just be able to write about something without there being right or wrong answers. I loved being able to just put my thoughts out there. Blogging was also a nice break from the typical papers and discussion posts. It was nice. I liked it very much.

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